Best Water Softener Usage Tips

A combination of Iron Pro 48K and Fleck 5600 SXT digital metered valve, it can cater a 48,000-grain water, for the use of a big family.  After passing into this water treatment system, you are assured of calcium and magnesium free soft water.


The twin tank system allows an abundant supply of treated soft water.  It eliminates stains from iron and scale.  With the Fleck 5600SXT, it regenerates automatically depending on the water usage of the household.

An all in one, it is a water softener and iron filter in one water treatment system.

The Fleck 5600SXT’s valve is digitally metered for easy use.  The product promises to remove all water hardness, 6-8 ppm range for iron, 6 ppm for manganese, sediment, sand and even rust.

By using the combination water softener, toxic elements such as magnesium and calcium, the main culprit of the hardness of water, will be eliminated as well as providing the household with soft, clean water.

Less hassle

Due to its high performance, it can supply the water need of a big family in a household with 2/3 bathrooms.  It can treat up to 16 gallons of water per minute.


The unit is very easy to install if you have the basic knowledge of plumbing.  The package comes with instructions for easy installation. Otherwise, hire a local plumber for secure installation.  It will take 1-2 hours for installation.

Metered water softener

With the Iron Pro 48K and Fleck 5600SXT allows to process, gallons of water before regenerating.  Since this is a digital meter valve, there is no need to always check for the machine. It automatically adjusts to the water need of the family.  The meter regenerates and conserves water and salt at the same time.   The Fleck5600SXT has a touch pad, LCD display with backlit for easy operation.  This model is the most cost effective systems present in the market today.

48,000 grain capacity

The unit has 1.5 cubic feet of fine mesh resin that can remove a maximum of 48000 grains of water hardness in between regeneration. With this specifically made resin, water treatment for red and clear water is never easy.

KDF 55 Media


The water treatment system combination is designed to eliminate iron, chlorine and other heavy metals presented in hard water.


Only clean, soft water

The combination water treatment system eliminates scale from softening water and leaves no residue on faucets, pipes and fixtures.

Less soap and detergent

By using soft water, it reduces the need for large amount of soap and detergents while doing dishes, laundry and even while taking a bath.

Appliance durability

By using clean, soft water, appliances need little or no maintenance at all.  The appliances will function for a long time as compared to those functioning with hard water.  With clean water running on machines and pipes, there will be no stains, lime, scale and even water stains on the cutleries, plates, glasses and other materials washed in the dishwasher.  Clothes will have no undesirable odors and stains after washing cycle in the washing machine.  It will also require less fabric softener as clothes remain soft and clean with the treated water.

USA made

The water treatment system is manufactured in the USA.   The premium quality of polyglass tank is durable and made by Structural USA, a trusted tank-manufacturing corporation.

Brine tank

Thelarge brine tank can hold up to 250 lbs of salt. Since it can hold a large amount of salt, regeneration process needs a little attention.  It comes with a float assembly for reliability.


The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on control head and 10-year warranty on tank.


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