IT Security Solutions Must Prioritize Trust and Resilience

As the threats faced by IT systems become more complex and sustained, organizations must be willing to change their traditional security methods and procedures. A new report from Gartner presents an overview of the emerging threat landscape and the risk ...

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Security is the Oh in IoT

By Jim Harris on Sep 29, 2015
The perimeter fence model of IT security, which focused mainly on preventing external security threats with the digital equivalent of building a big fence around the perimeter of the organization with gates and guards securing a limited number of access ...

What is the MSP Opportunity for IoT?

By Daniel Newman on Sep 16, 2015
Our world is turning into one gigantic interconnected web, thanks to the growing number of devices and physical objects linked to the Internet—and to each other—via wireless networks. That’s the basic idea behind a term that’s being tossed around a ...
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