Ebook Details Critical Questions to Ask Cloud Service Providers

Organizations that are moving to the cloud, including newly minted managed storage providers and cloud service providers (MSPs/CSPs), need to address five important priorities when choosing a cloud partner, according to the IBM ebook, “Is Your Infrastructure Holding You Back?” ...

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The Internet of Things: A Lucrative Business Path for MSPs

By Kelley Katsanos on Nov 25, 2015
In a recent Talkin' Cloud article, CompTIA Chief Executive Officer Todd Thibodeaux said that technology professionals need to familiarize themselves with how the Internet of Things (IoT) is altering the IT landscape in order to future-proof their careers. Managed service ...
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Intelligent Transportation Systems for Midsized Cities

By Julie Hunt on Nov 23, 2015
When intelligent transportation systems are discussed, the focus is usually on mega-cities (populations of 10 million or more). But midsized cities (anywhere from 250,000 to 1 million people) face many of the same issues as larger cities, especially regarding forward-thinking ...
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MSP Opportunity in the IoT Tsunami

By Babette Ten Haken on Nov 23, 2015
It’s no news that we have an IoT tsunami going on. That situation presents an MSP opportunity to move into new industry verticals. Has your MSP organization marginalized or ignored the small to medium size business (SMB) manufacturing sector? Let’s ...

Good Problem Solving Needs Good Problem Ownership!

By Adrian Reed on Nov 19, 2015
Problem solving is a skill that is relevant for just about every role within an organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you spend most of your time working with colleagues internally, or whether you work for a managed services provider (MSP) ...
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