When Partners Break Bad: Lessons from the ADP-Zenefits Fiasco

I’ve said it many times: the long term has never been shorter. You can right a book about that statement and maybe one day I will. For now, suffice it to say that fortunes, plans, and partnerships can change in ...

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Understanding Your Customer’s Customer

By Adrian Reed on Jul 1, 2015
When implementing a change in an organisation—whether it’s a process change, an IT change or even an organisational change—it is good practice to map out the stakeholder landscape and understand who the key players are within the organisation. I’m certain ...
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How to Win at Cross-Channel Marketing [Study]

By Shelly DeMotte Kramer on Jun 30, 2015
Never before have marketers had so much data available to them about the habits of consumers. Never before though have they struggled so much to make connected and meaningful sense of this treasure trove of information. That’s the headline from ...
Topic: MSP

MSPs and The New IT

By Jim Harris on Jun 29, 2015
I am reading The New IT: How Technology Leaders are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age by Jill Dyché. The book provides an action-ready blueprint for strengthening the role of information technology (IT) within the organization. This is a ...
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Welcome to the ‘Subscription’ Economy

By Joe McKendrick on Jun 25, 2015
There are many names for the new, digitally driven space we are entering, but when it comes to where the money is, an apt description for many enterprises may be the “subscription economy.” That is, rather than assume the up-front ...
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Selling Innovation to the Status Quo

By Babette Ten Haken on Jun 24, 2015
You are selling innovation. You believe in your solutions and methodologies. You represent a solid channel partner company with impeccable credentials. Your customer still gets unnerved somewhere along the sales cycle, don’t they? What happens next gets played out again ...
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The Danger of Unknown Unknowns When Procuring Solutions

By Adrian Reed on Jun 24, 2015
When an organisation needs a specialist skill, product or service, it may be more effective to look outside of its organisational boundaries. Perhaps a company needs a special IT application, a training course, or perhaps it is looking to outsource ...
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