Connecting the Cyber-Threat Dots through Big Data

The managed security services market has been in play for more than a decade. Not surprisingly, it continues to show vibrant growth, fueled in part by cloud-related factors. Research and Markets, in a January 2015 report, estimated that market growth ...

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To Succeed With Technology, Look Beyond Technology

By Joe McKendrick on Jul 27, 2015
Technology is a great thing – it opens up new channels, cuts the costs incurred by manual processes and physical transactions, and boosts productivity. However, there’s always a danger that lurks with all this good karma as well – many ...
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Avoiding the Blame Game

By Adrian Reed on Jul 24, 2015
In a previous article, I wrote about how outsourcing and utilising the skills of specialist firms, vendors and managed service providers (MSPs) can be an excellent way of gaining access to additional capabilities and expertise. It avoids the need to ...
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Collective End User Experience

By Babette Ten Haken on Jul 22, 2015
What is the collective end user experience of your service provider offering? In today’s application economy that is one key question that managed service providers (MSPs), telecommunications, and cloud service providers (CSPs) should ask themselves each day. Beyond closing the ...
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3 Tips to Define Your Cloud Services Program for SMBs

By Dan Kobialka on Jul 20, 2015
Cloud services providers (CSPs) want small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to leverage their cloud services programs. However, promoting these programs to prospects can be challenging, particularly for CSPs with limited resources at their disposal. So how can you relay information ...
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How to Eliminate Red Flags in Managed Services Contracts

By Kelley Katsanos on Jul 16, 2015
When prospective clients seek managed service providers (MSPs) to help maintain their IT infrastructure or systems, they will look for certain caveats in managed services contracts to help them decide whether to enter the business agreement. MSPs should eliminate potential ...
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Always in Motion Is The Future of IT

By Jim Harris on Jul 15, 2015
Awakened by the force of the promotion of the film franchise’s new movie coming out in a time not too long from now in a theater not too far away, Star Wars has been on my mind a lot lately. ...
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