Ebook Details Critical Questions to Ask Cloud Service Providers

Organizations that are moving to the cloud, including newly minted managed storage providers and cloud service providers (MSPs/CSPs), need to address five important priorities when choosing a cloud partner, according to the IBM ebook, “Is Your Infrastructure Holding You Back?” ...

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The New Holistic Norm

By Babette Ten Haken on Jan 6, 2016
The IoT connected customer is the new norm catalyzing IT channel dynamics. This new norm impacts how we think about the Buyer’s Journey: today, tomorrow and in the future. This new norm impacts how we identify opportunities to do business ...

Let’s Bring Ops to Containers

By Aaron Delp on Jan 4, 2016
As we begin 2016 I’m starting to think about the operations challenges for managed service providers that lie ahead over the next twelve months. There is no doubt that containerized applications have been the hot technology for 2015. But as ...

Top CIO Concerns for 2016

By Marissa Tejada on Jan 4, 2016
A new report by the Society for Information Management lists the problems that are weighing heavy on the minds of chief information officers (CIOs). A new list of top CIO concerns reveals many of the tasks managed service providers (MSPs) ...
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Data Connectivity in the Web-Enabled World

By Julie Hunt on Dec 28, 2015
As the use of SaaS and cloud services has grown, the API (Application Programming Interface) has come to the forefront as an important technology component in this web-enabled world. APIs are points of entry or connectivity methods, for integrations between ...
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