Innovative Channel Partner Teams Don’t Sell Services

Innovative channel partner teams aren’t selling products, platforms and services. They present clients with the opportunity for innovation. Customers have culture and knowledge gaps. Customers wrestle with more than Big Data acquisition and utilization. They tussle with outmoded mindset and ...

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Don't Confuse Technology with Systems

By Lori Richardson on Jul 30, 2015
Recently a colleague of mine was asking the sales leaders in their LinkedIn group for productivity tips for SDRs (Sales development reps) who are filling the top of the funnel with leads for the sales revenue machine. Every answer she ...
Topics: MSP, CRM/ERP

Organisational Agility

By Adrian Reed on Mar 24, 2015
Read any book, article or blog about implementing change in organisations, and you’re sure to come across the term agile. Particularly in the software development world, rightly or wrongly, agile and evolutionary techniques are seen as the antidote to some ...
Topic: CRM/ERP

Geolocation: Necessary or Creepy?

By Jason Hannula on Aug 11, 2014
Mobile technology can add geolocation data to a wealth of information collected from customers. When used to add value for customers by tailoring messages based on their location and preferences, particularly in the retail industry, it can be beneficial, according ...

Train-Wreck Management v.s. Systems Thinking

By Mike Boysen on Jul 1, 2014
If you haven’t read The Leader’s Handbook: Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done I highly recommend it for you iconoclasts out there. It provides a great history of how management structures of the past 150 years got started (after a ...
Topic: CRM/ERP