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Future of Open Source Survey Suggests Disruptive Trend

By Prince B.T. Alo on May 31, 2013
Open source platforms are gaining increased attention in the enterprise IT sector. According to the seventh annual Future of Open Source Survey, proliferation of this computing culture is influencing everything from innovation and collaboration to cost reductions and hiring practices.Many ...

Apple Dominates US Smartphone Market

By Prince B.T. Alo on May 24, 2013
While the world's largest smartphone maker, Samsung, continues to dominate the global market, according to market research firm ComScore, Apple's supremacy in the US smartphone market is once again solidified. Although Android devices outnumber iOS devices worldwide, when it comes ...

LG to Launch Flexible Display Smartphone in Q4

By Prince B.T. Alo on May 20, 2013
A mobile device with a flexible, foldable display may seem like science fiction, but the concept is fast moving toward reality in the mobile tech world. Samsung and LG are on the verge of making the technology breakthrough this fall ...