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Don't Confuse Technology with Systems

By Lori Richardson on Jul 30, 2015
Recently a colleague of mine was asking the sales leaders in their LinkedIn group for productivity tips for SDRs (Sales development reps) who are filling the top of the funnel with leads for the sales revenue machine. Every answer she ...
Topics: MSP, CRM/ERP

Process Systems and Metrics Grow Business

By Lori Richardson on Jul 28, 2015
What do companies such as managed services providers (MSPs) need to help them grow business? Process, systems, and metrics - you can't improve what you don't measure. But how to do it? Benchmarking against your peers is a great way ...
Topic: MSP

What's an Ideal Partner For Your Business

By Lori Richardson on Apr 29, 2015
Growing business through partners can be tough or it can be simple. Many companies make it tough because they don’t set themselves up to win at this. Good partnerships bring collaboration, leverage and enhanced visibility. With the advent of mobile, ...
Topic: MSP