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BYOD Can Mean Happier Workers and Increased Profits

By Petra Jorgenson on Feb 6, 2013
Despite the popularity of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, a lot of IT professionals are understandably concerned about the prospect of adopting consumer tech in the workplace. On the surface, the practice might seem like a blessing for midsize businesses--employees can ...

VMware Releases Patch for Critical Vulnerability

By Petra Jorgenson on Jan 4, 2013
Virtualization enables organizations to minimize equipment costs and streamline the deployment and management of systems. But despite its benefits, the technology opens the door to vulnerabilities just as devastating as those targeting traditional platforms.DDI Labs, a security risk assessment solutions ...

Microsoft: Delayed Adoption of Windows 8 Is Expected

By Petra Jorgenson on Dec 4, 2012
According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the industry giant has managed to sell 40 million licenses for its newly released operating system, Windows 8, as of November 28th. Microsoft launched the OS officially on October 26th.The new Windows appears to ...

Employees In the Dark on Cloud Policies

By Petra Jorgenson on Nov 15, 2012
The development and evolution of cloud computing is a double-edged sword for midsize businesses. The technology enables companies to streamline processes and scale resources to meet the needs of the organization--all the while reducing or eliminating overhead--but just like with ...