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Microsoft Surface Pro Ready for Release

By Chrissie Klinger on Feb 28, 2013
Since tablets allow for better mobility and applications than typical laptops, many midsize businesses are finding that the move over to this type of technology is worth the investment. Unfortunately, some tablets on the market don't have the processing speed ...

Twitter is Sharing Data with US Government

By Chrissie Klinger on Feb 14, 2013
Data Privacy Day, celebrated every January 28th, is a day to educate people about keeping their personal information private and safe on the Internet. This year one social network site, Twitter, released a transparency report that showed the social network ...

iPhone 6 Rumored to be Released This Year

By Chrissie Klinger on Feb 12, 2013
Just when IT professionals are getting used to the newest iPhone, rumors are starting to spread that number 6 could be released this year. Could the next Apple phone be longer, wider, and thinner? Is Apple trying to offer a ...

Smart Phones to Face Unlocking Problem

By Chrissie Klinger on Feb 7, 2013
A recent ruling by the Library of Congress means cell phone carriers will now have to give permission for phones to be unlocked. All phones purchased after January 26, 2013, will no longer be allowed to be unlocked by a ...