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Passfault: Redefining Password Strength and Creation

By Brandy Courtade on Jun 8, 2012
It's no secret that passwords seem to be a continual security problem without any real resolution. But one developer for defense contractor Partnet believes that the only way to truly measure the strength of the password is by determining how ...

DNSChanger Still Present on Some PCs

By Brandy Courtade on May 4, 2012
Remember DNSChanger? The Mac and PC Trojan from about four years ago? As a senior IT professional, you're probably thinking yeah, I took care of that already, no big deal. Your midsize business is safe, right? Maybe not. Though you ...

Evernote for Business? CEO Phil Libin Thinks So

By Brandy Courtade on Apr 30, 2012
If you've had any dealings with iOS or Android devices, you have probably at least heard of the popular Evernote app that while primarily used for note-taking, incorporates several features designed to help you "remember everything." Now CEO Philip Libin ...

Big Data Brought to You by Cloudera and IBM

By Brandy Courtade on Apr 30, 2012
IBM recently announced their partnership with Palo Alto start-up Cloudera. Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) as well as its Manager is meshing with IBM's Big Data platform to deliver unprecedented business intelligence solutions. This is outstanding news for midsize ...

New Flashback Trojan Variant Found

By Brandy Courtade on Apr 30, 2012
Mac users had a rude awakening with the recent Flashback Trojan epidemic, the biggest incident for OS X to date. Though Apple released patches, removal tools, and instructions over the past week, the decline in infected systems isn't what Symantec ...