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Selling IT Service: Value Over Volume

By Doug Bonderud on Jul 10, 2015
The goal for any managed service provider (MSP) is to generate the highest amount of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) possible while cultivating long-term client relationships, which ensures stable profit margins. Doing so, however, requires a focus on value over volume ...
Topic: MSP

MSPs and the Mobile Device Gap: Step Lightly?

By Doug Bonderud on Jul 2, 2015
Both organizations and employees are worried about bring your own device (BYOD). They have similar concerns — data security always tops the list — but different priorities; while users fear that information technology (IT) will demand too much control over ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD

Commercial-Grade BYOD: Bridging the Consumer Gap

By Doug Bonderud on Jun 1, 2015
Commercial-grade BYOD adoption is on the rise, with 75 percent of companies already permitting mobile device use in the workplace or designing policies to make this possible. While improved collaboration and increased productivity are often cited as the primary drivers ...
Topic: Mobile: BYOD