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iPad Recycling Recommended for Executives

By Alex Keane on Dec 19, 2012
With the holiday season fast approaching, many shoppers are seeking to purchase an iPad either for themselves or for loved ones. Depending on the specifications selected, the cost could exceed $500. However, there are other options and iPad recycling programs ...

Cloud Computing Needs More SOA Services

By Alex Keane on Dec 11, 2012
The original aim of service-oriented architecture (SOA) was to prevent vendor monopoly, whether in software or underlying hardware, allowing greater user freedom when choosing applications for various business or personal applications. However, many vendors try to tie users to their ...

iPhone 5S--Rumors Begin in Advance of 2013 Release

By Alex Keane on Dec 11, 2012
Apple customers are well-known for their loyalty and for being quick adopters of the latest Apple releases. This tendency to upgrade as soon as a new product is available is rivaled only by their enthusiasm for information on future products. ...