What Makes a Good IT Security System?

By | May 6, 2013

Part of any midsize business technology structure is an IT security system. The system sets up the privacy, security, and integrity of the corporate data. All three of these concerns should be top priority for the IT manager who sets up the network, its structure, and its protection. IT managers are tasked with designing the security for the network, and several components are required to ensure that company data is always protected from competitors and hackers who steal or destroy the data stored on servers and database warehouses.

VPN and Router Security

Blocking Internet traffic from entering the internal network is handled by routers, but telecommuting, offered by many midsize businesses to accommodate employees and cut down on office space costs, creates special challenges. If telecommuting is an option, a good IT security system must include a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs tunnel traffic from the employee's house to the internal network and encrypt data for protection. The system allows only authorized users to access the network and blocks regular Internet traffic from hackers.

Distributed Management and Convenience

Just because IT security is complex doesn't mean the system used to control the IT systems must be equally complex. The IT security system management should be distributed on the network, so the IT manager can properly control settings and quickly take any server offline if needed. In many cases, the IT manager can also remotely access the network and change the settings from his home. This is convenient if the company's web servers are hosted internally, and the IT manager must configure and analyze any issues in the middle of the night.

Logging and Authorization

Blocking unauthorized connections isn't enough. The IT manager must also make an effort to log any failed login attempts. The advantage of this procedure is that the IT manager can detect any hack attempts. In many cases, improved security software alerts the IT manager when unauthorized login attempts are unusually high. The heads-up helps network administrators thwart any current hack attempts before the hacker gains entrance to the network.

IBM offers several security consultant services to help the IT manager figure out the best security architecture for the network. Consultants help the IT manager configure network settings, identify volatile areas of the network, and set up a backup system for better disaster recovery plans. IT security should always be a prime concern for any midsize business that houses sensitive customer data.

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