Vital IT Security Architecture Tips for All Midsize Businesses

By | Jun 14, 2013

When it comes to running a midsize business, implementing a proper IT security architecture should always be the top priority for every company, because even the smallest security breach can cause a loss of customers or lead to lawsuits and compliance issues. Although security is a vast area that can be complex at times, thanks to modern cloud technologies, it has become significantly easier for midsize companies to implement proper security policies to protect their firms from data breaches. Security is a two-pronged field comprised of digital and physical aspects. This article will only focus on the digital side of IT security, but Midsize Insider has an article outlining simple yet effective ways to harden physical security within a midsize company.

The first component of any midsize IT security architecture strategy is to ensure that IT teams are working with a dedicated outside security firm. This second set of eyes will help ensure that all security systems are fully functional and proper measures are being taken to protect the company. Since security is a constantly evolving field, it is impossible for even the best IT teams in a midsize company to stay on top of the trends, because they often are tasked with numerous other duties. By working with a dedicated security expert, midsize businesses have access to a variety of security services for a fraction of what it would cost to retain a specialist in-house.

In today's corporate environment where employees are now able to bring their own devices into the office, IT administrators often face significant difficulties balancing security with flexibility, because it is very difficult for a company to control what happens on non-corporate devices when they are not connected to the office network. To combat this issue, it is vital for IT teams in midsize companies to ensure that their security systems are able to scan outside devices used by employees. Although in the past this would be difficult due to the fact that employees would need to install additional software themselves, today companies can scan devices remotely thanks to a variety of cloud-based scanners, such as this one produced by IBM.

Last but not least, it is vital to embrace business analytics to spot trends in real time and take the appropriate action to mitigate any risks. Midsize companies often deal with troves of data each day, so it is vital that they choose a solid business analytics suite, since it is virtually impossible to analyze data with the naked eye. By analyzing potential attackers and the details behind data gathered from security software, it becomes possible to get an idea of who is targeting the midsize company so IT teams can take proactive action to stop attacks.

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