Using an Enterprise-Ready Content Management API Improves IT Collaboration

By | Oct 16, 2012

Many companies already offer cloud-based services. Now another company is jumping into the field and offering its own content management service-as-a-software (SaaS) package for free. The company--Alfresco--has recently teamed up with to release its Connector application. IT managers at midsize firms might find value in tapping into Alfresco's cloud-based services because Alfresco has focused on embedding features that emphasize enterprise-ready collaborations among IT personnel.

Benefits of Using the Content Management API

InfoWorld reports that Alfresco is directing its efforts toward providing mobile integration of its cloud-based content management API. The company will provide software development kits for the Android and iOS platforms in order to accelerate the integration of its features into current enterprise-ready mobile applications. Developers will also benefit from the fact that the content management API uses Content Management Interoperability Services. This open standard is used in other content management applications and provides a familiar framework that will allow developers to further adapt to Alfresco's new API.

For IT staff that actually use the applications that IT developers build, the document management features of the system will be sturdy and utilitarian. The document management system offers keyword tagging, full-document search, metadata search, version control, and secure file sharing options. And in terms of collaboration, the system offers a feature that informs document creators of any changes made to their documents by other members of their IT department. It seems like the Alfresco team made a conscious effort to ensure that collaboration could occur whether one is located in the office using a laptop or on the move using a mobile device.

Testing the API for Value

IT managers at midsize firms should apply their own productivity tests within their IT departments in order to determine the usefulness of this particular API. If possible, IT managers might split their department into testing segments. Each segment would be introduced to one or two unique tools from the Alfresco API. A productivity analytics service could then be used to ascertain which tools increase or decrease employee productivity within the workplace.

To take things a step further, IT managers might then steadily add more tools to each segmented group while monitoring productivity. This basic technique will reveal what portions of the document management API would be best to use within the office. And if not, then the IT department could move on to other document management services.

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