Trend Micro's Mobile Security 8.0 Fights Back Against BYOD Dangers

By | Jul 23, 2012

As an industry leader in cloud technology and antivirus protection, Trend Micro is helping businesses to eliminate the threats posed by a BYOD policy. The company's latest software, named Mobile Security 8.0, will combine multiple security features into a single platform. It will allow businesses to encrypt any sensitive information, manage the applications on employee-owned devices, and remotely wipe data from phones that have been lost or stolen. The software is compatible with the industry's most popular smartphones and tablets, including those that run on Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Android devices.

According to an article on eWeek, Trend Micro Mobile Security 8.0 (TMMS 8.0) will offer extensive mobile-device-management (MDM) tools. An interesting feature is the ability to control the device at a distance; a method of securing data that has potentially fallen into the wrong hands. The company can choose to lock the device remotely, reset the password, or wipe all existing files.

The MDM software will also enable corporations to push any key apps onto all employee devices. Furthermore, it can handle tasks such as device enrollment and provisioning, inventory detail, and policy enforcement. Steve Quane, the chief product officer at Trend Micro, said, "BYOD creates new challenges for IT as personal mobile tools become important parts of corporate networks and applications. TMMS 8.0 gives customers the confidence they need to face these challenges."

In addition to the benefits of the software itself, Trend Micro ensured that the system was easy to set up. Businesses that already employ Trend Micro's OfficeScan solution will have TMMS 8.0 conveniently available as a plug-in. This means that the software will seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, significantly lowering the cost of deploying a new mobile security system.

Although Trend Micro isn't the first company to release MDM software for businesses, midsize organization should be impressed with this product. It has been explicitly built with BYOD in mind and it will undoubtedly simplify the job of IT professionals. TMMS 8.0 targets the most vulnerable areas of employee-owned devices, especially the risks associated with mobile application and poor password protection. Instead of individually inspecting employee devices for harmful applications, the company can monitor and manage these smartphones from a single console.

Additionally, it is no secret that people treat their phones differently than their laptops. Under the assumption that their phone contains no important information, they put few protective measures in place. For example, a staggering amount of users don't have passcodes on their mobile devices, and it is commonplace for phones to be left unattended.

This is in stark contrast to laptops, which are heavily guarded by stringent antivirus software, almost always password protected, and never placed out of sight. For this reason, it is encouraging to see that Trend Micro has addressed the growing concerns over the lack of mobile security. The ability to remotely lock and wipe a stolen phone, enforce custom password and encryption policies, and monitor user apps should ease some of an IT admin's worries.

Most importantly, Trend Micro's release of TMMS 8.0 should encourage other vendors to focus on the mobile management field. If BYOD continues to grow in popularity, there will be a definite need for this type of software. Steve Quain reiterated this notion. "As personal mobile devices make their way into office environments, enterprises are seeing a much greater need to secure and manage these devices. The rapid rise of malware threats targeting mobile platforms and the sheer number of devices being brought into offices only increases the danger."

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