Third Wave Tech Transforming IT

By | Jun 14, 2013

Third wave technologies - cloud, social, and mobile tech - are beginning to change business as we know it. During a recent event in Washington DC, former US CIO Vivek Kundra addressed how their proliferation will be the reason why customer relationships will change for the better.

Growing Acceptance

Kundra, Executive Vice President for, has a broad view of technology being applied at the business and governmental level. His comments, featured in InformationWeek, point to how government agencies are reaching citizens through cloud, social, and mobile tech. He said that within two years, various sectors, including education and health care, will be using third wave or third platform computing for increased productivity and better business results.

Kundra pointed out how various businesses have already changed their business models based on third wave computing. For example, mobile apps have changed how taxi companies operate and multi-national companies are tweeting information relevant to their business in real-time.

Government is also taking a close look at the benefits. The Obama-Biden 2012 campaign used cloud computing and social media to deliver messaging and encourage volunteering. Kundra also said that third wave tech can improve other government functions, such as call center services.

New Midsize Business Model

Social business, mobile, and cloud computing give companies the ability to focus on the needs of customers. This is important for midsize firms that are always looking to improve their customer service and keep up current client relationships to remain competitive.

New technologies are also affordable, enabling IT pros to focus spending under a new business model. Social media costs next to nothing to start. Instead, costs go towards analytics software and marketing expertise to organize that data, or for a social media plan. Cloud computing models are often scalable solutions purchased as a company grows. Finally, mobile now goes hand in hand with the bring your own device movement, a change that takes away the upfront costs midsize firms must pay for devices. Expenditures shift to mobile device management security instead.

New Tech for Future Relationships

Kundra pointed out that, over time, more government agencies and companies will take advantage of third wave technologies for increased productivity and to build better customer relationships. As a result, vendors will grab the opportunity to innovate in the space and midsize firms can only benefit from that, since they will have a choice of solutions geared toward their needs. Cloud computing, social media, and mobile are already transforming business relationships. Midsize firms that use them are ahead of the competition.

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