Sophos Security Suites Suit SMBs

By | May 23, 2012

Sophos has launched its latest line of data protection packages, this time with small to midsize businesses (SMBs) specifically in mind. SMBs generally do not have the resources to employ large IT departments--making "ease of use" just as much a factor as cost effectiveness. As CRN reports, Sophos' three new security suites encompass a broader, fully comprehensive range of defense focused primarily on endpoint protection, but they are also tailored for specific needs, such as web browsing or simple data protection.

SMBs are often most vulnerable to malware and other malicious infiltration because their IT resources are usually much more limited than their larger enterprise counterparts. Having a smaller IT staff makes it difficult to support security with all the updates, patches, and fixes required of the assortment of third-party vendors that typically make up an SMBs protection system. There is also the simple but often costly and time-consuming matter of being able to isolate a breach: Which of the applications failed and how can it be rectified as quickly as possible?

Sophos has recognized this, and according to Channelnomics, has applied the "one-stop shop" approach to its latest product line, acknowledging that SMBs struggle to adhere to the same strict compliance requirements as their larger competitors. So instead of individual licenses and network configurations for each endpoint, instead of racing to plug each metaphorical hole in the dike, SMBs can work directly with developers for a multifaceted umbrella strategy for all endpoints simultaneously.

Such a comprehensive protection strategy is also more cost effective for SMBs. License renewals, patches, and updates will occur regularly all at once rather than on individual endpoints at random intervals, reducing "down time" as well as any financial consequences of successful infiltration. In addition, protection can be tailored to provide as much defense as possible within specific budgetary parameters, or to meet an SMB's particular needs. This approach to data protection is also considerably more flexible and can be altered or amended as required.

With its Complete Security suite, Sophos offers SMBs web filtering, email encryption, and comprehensive firewall protection against viruses and other malware, among several other features. It even incorporates Microsoft's Exchange and Sharepoint, in addition to mobile devices operating using Android, Windows or iOS. There are also bundles for Web Protection and Data Protection, the latter of which does not include the web or Sharepoint aspects.

While Sophos is not the first to launch a multi-layered data-protection plan for its customer base (particularly when considering the cloud), the company is one of the first to acknowledge and target the particular needs of its small to midsize business clients.

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