Social Business: Facebook Rules

By | Jun 13, 2013

Facebook is today's social business platform of choice. A new study from Avanade shows the networking platform is used more than social platforms like SharePoint, IBM Open Connections, and Salesforce's Chatter. This finding proves that there's an upswing in the consumerization of IT.

Social Networking and Work

The study, recently featured in InformationWeek, polled IT managers and end-users working at midsize firms around the globe. It found that a majority of them are gladly using social networking for several reasons. Around 60 percent believe it makes work more enjoyable and productive. Meanwhile, 57 percent said social collaboration tools allow them to work faster. The popularity of these tools will only grow, since Avanade found that out of the companies using them about 80 percent will increase their use in the future.

The article points out that there is a question of which social networking tools IT pros should be using at their firms. Facebook currently takes the lead as the most used at 74 percent. That shows the lines are blurred when it comes to the utilization of social networking tools for personal and corporate use.

Social Midsize Firms

IT pros at midsize firms must think about IT and security policies in more ways than ever. The bring-your-own-device movement is strong, as is the adoption of cloud computing and virtualization. Meanwhile, social media has also risen to become a tool that offers convenience and increased productivity for employees at growing firms. The trends show that Facebook is king of social business collaboration, which means corporate data can certainly end up on its pages. It's up to companies to decide whether this is appropriate.

The latest findings by Avande point out the importance of social collaboration in the workplace. IT pros can use this knowledge to their advantage to be ahead of the game. They can enforce policies to maintain a controlled, secure information infrastructure. Security is a big issue for growing firms and must be dealt with at every level. Midsize firms simply can't afford to make big security mistakes. Social collaboration tools may provide convenience and productivity, but IT pros must make sure they are safe and used within the well-thought-out guidelines of a company.

Consumerizing the Future

Consumer-based technology has taken hold of social business. Many employees prefer the collaborative platform that Facebook offers. In the fast-paced world of IT, social media trends are constantly shifting. However, IT pros at midsize firms can help drive their company's social strategy by choosing the right social business platforms that work for them. The productivity that employees seek as a result of using social media can be realized as long as corporate data is protected and secure.

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