SMB New Hires: Cybersecurity Skills Wanted

By | Nov 14, 2012

Small and midsize businesses today are looking for one major skill when it comes to hiring new employees: cybersecurity know-how.

Survey Findings

A new survey released by the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec shows that 53 percent of small businesses need these skills to keep their companies safe. The National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec interviewed a little more than a thousand small and midsize businesses for the survey, which also found that 87 percent of them have one or more employees who use the Internet for daily operations.

According to the findings, which were recently featured in InfoTech, 59 percent of the businesses surveyed believe new hires should be knowledgeable about the ethical use of technology while 59 percent agree that knowing the proper use of email, social networks, and engagement online is essential to the safety and security of their business.

The National Cyber Security Alliance conducted the survey to encourage more cybersecurity education in elementary and high schools, higher education, and career and technical education environments. Their goal is to ensure a future workforce capable of tackling the problems that companies have when it comes to issues like hacking and digital theft and crime.

Importance for SMBs

Small and midsize businesses often look to improve online safety and security in basic ways such as using complex passwords, implementing antivirus software and encrypting confidential information. These are good steps but the findings show that cybersecurity can also be improved with the right people being hired to implement the correct procedures as well as to keep them in check.

The survey brings awareness to the fact that small and midsize businesses need people to make their businesses as successful as possible. By acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity, these businesses can help ensure critical data is secured from potential data loss.

Data loss can be a nightmare for any small and midsize business. Money and time are at stake--two things that small and midsize businesses can't afford to lose. As the survey notes it is essential in the fast-changing IT landscape to hire individuals who understand that protecting privacy and critical business information is important.

The Next Generation

The article also mentions that the National Cyber Security Alliance encourages small and midsize businesses to take their needs a step further and provide ongoing training to employees which will come in handy as technologies change.

The overall take away of the survey's findings show that IT personnel must be informed about cybersecurity. In the end if a small and midsize business understands that, it will make for a stronger business and one that is taking the right measures to prevent data loss and theft.

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