Mozilla Firefox OS for Two New Smartphones

By | Jan 28, 2013

Two new smartphones based on the open-source Mozilla Firefox OS platform will hit the shelves next month. The Mozilla phones, Keon and Peak, will join a new number of smartphones running on operating systems that rely heavily on the Web.

Mozilla's New Phone

According to a recent Computerworld article, Spanish technology companies Telefonica and Geeksphone partnered with Mozilla to develop the phones that are already being dubbed as a competitor to Android. Although the prices of the phones haven't been revealed, the article says Mozilla's specifications suggest their prices would be low, but that they would deliver a much better experience than smartphones that cost around $100.

The article also points out that the releases of the new smartphones lead back to "Mozilla's hopes for Firefox OS to boost the popularity of Web technologies." Both smartphones will feature HTML5 apps that can make the phone vibrate, make a phone call or send a text message. Thanks to Geeksphone, developers have a dedicated device to create new apps.

The Midsize Mobile Choice

The release of the new Web dependant phones means midsize businesses will have yet another operating system choice for their mobile infrastructure. Also, as devlopers create more apps for the new phones, midsize companies will have more app choices that can help their businesses. Today, iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry lead in terms of popularity. However, the new Firefox OS smartphones can reportedly connect to the Web using HSPA or 802.11n, will have GPS as well as a number of sensors. According to the article, "besides Mozilla's platform there is also RIM's BlackBerry 10, Canonical's Ubuntu for phones, Sailfish from upstart Jolla, and Tizen, which is backed by Samsung Electronics and Intel."

Midsize businesses also keep up with smartphone innovations and trends because they face the reality of the bring-your-own-device movement. Increasingly, their employees prefer to use their own smartphones for business. If a Web based smartphones increase in popularity in the consumer market, this will affect many midsize companies when it comes to setting their IT protocols and security measures.

The Race

The race for the best smartphone is on and, as a result, various innovations are coming to light in the market. With Mozilla's recent announcement, Web based phones based on the popular Firefox OS will be a new and viable option. Midsize businesses will be looking out for security, authentication, managed email and various support features when they become available. They know that the latest in mobile technology can be yet another tool to help their growing business run more effectively.

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