Microsoft Shows the Importance of a Brand Logo for Business Recognition

By | Sep 4, 2012

In a world where you can get $5 logos or even logos for free, Microsoft has created a new brand logo for its company recognition. The change in logo demonstrates how important it is for businesses to create an image that signifies the importance of the brand. When you see certain logos, the business name stands out for you. For this reason, it is important for businesses to take time to establish a well-made, detailed design.

Microsoft's New Logo

Internet styling trends change almost as often as clothing fashion. The small, tiny, rounded styles are being replaced with squared-off buttons and interfaces. Microsoft went with the new trend by designing a squared-off, colorful "Windows" logo to signify the operating system.

How is this important for midsize businesses? The importance of brand logos is as important as the next dress style to come out next season. While it doesn't seem important to some people, the style of a business' logo or even a website influences the way users interact with the website, and it can even increase revenue. Old styles start to make a business look aged, and it can turn off customers who will opt for the new, flashy style of a competitor's website. Although website and logo style do not signify the brand's quality, the overall look and feel is a marketing tactic that impresses visitors and makes the site look more trusted.

The news about the new Microsoft logo was released by ars technica. It also lists all the Microsoft branded logos throughout the year, which shows the effort the company put into creating a stylish design that matches current Internet fashion.Another advantage is recognition. When you see the colored, waving flag of the old Microsoft logo, you immediately think of the company and its operating system. Popularity equates to more visitors, which means more sales and even a better search engine ranking. Businesses with a unique and noticeable brand should also consider trademarking their logo. Atrademark protects others from using the name and the logo to make money off of your company's brand. As midsize business brands continue to grow in popularity, other people attempt to take advantage of the popularity and use it for revenue. This trademark infringement is protected by law, and the business can have websites removed, domain names seized, and receive monetary compensation for loss of revenue.

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