Kaspersky Focuses on Android Security

By | Oct 4, 2012

In response the increasing need for better mobile security, a top security software products company recently announced a new version of its security solution for Android-based smartphones. Kaspersky Lab announced that its product, Kaspersky Mobile Security, now offers a wide-ranging anti-malware and antitheft feature package. The security company says their new offering can better detect and block malware and malicious websites.

According to the announcement, the Web Management console, which offers easier control over lost and stolen smartphones, enables users to manage an interface from any computer to remotely lock their device, wipe sensitive information, and review logs of recent activities. A new Mugshot feature makes it possible to take photos of anyone using the device without permission. It also allows users to remotely locate a missing phone using GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi, and Google Maps.

The SMB Risk

The fact that new and innovative security tools are being introduced in the market is a good sign for small and midsize businesses today. They need all the help they can get to manage their security.

Kaspersky mentions that their product announcement comes at a time when more than 90 percent of all mobile malware is aimed at Android-based devices, making the platform the most vulnerable to cyber crime. This is a big issue now that the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is increasing among small and midsize businesses. For most small and midsize businesses, fixing instead of preventing the problems is costly and time-consuming.

Device Security and SMB Strategy

The various devices proliferating in small and midsize businesses need to be properly secured to protect the company from malware, phishing, and related attacks. Besides the consequences of data and financial loss, small and midsize businesses must spend time and money cleaning customers' endpoints. To the end, IT labor costs skyrocket.

Small and midsize businesses should aim to prevent attacks. Being proactive can make a difference. Solutions that manage threat intelligence and pattern file/signature and allow security solutions to detect and remediate newly discovered threats more quickly are good attributes to look out for.

Vendors like Kaspersky are introducing fascinating new security options that may help ease the problems businesses face when it comes to malware threats. This will result in lower costs and fewer infections, coupled with fewer IT resource requirements. It also means less time spent on cleaning devices, managing email as well as web security.

Solutions focusing on Android, like Kaspersky's, can save a lot of headaches and costs for a small and midsize business. As the market continues to develop, enterprise-level solutions at an affordable price will continue to be available to help small and midsize businesses tackle their security issues.

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