IBM, SugarCRM Mount Partner Recruitment Campaign

Jul 23, 2012
Topic: CRM/ERP

IBM and SugarCRM are on an aggressive campaign to recruit business partners who want to take advantage of one of the fastest-growing segments of the software industry: customer relationship management.

SugarCRM is the quiet giant of that business. The open source-based software company is the third-largest global CRM provider, with more than 10 million downloads of its software suite and 2,500 new paying customers in 80 countries last year alone. SugarCRM's billings grew 120% in the first quarter this year alone.

This webcast delves into the tight integration between SugarCRM and IBM solutions like LotusLive, Lotus Connections, Sterling Commerce, Websphere, Cognos and Unica. This integration enables SugarCRM to add value in a wide variety of sales and customer-facing areas, including sales and marketing automation, service and call centers. The scalable suite can serve anything from a two-person office to enterprises with 70,000 users.

One of the distinguishing features of SugarCRM is flexibility. Customers can choose from private cloud, on-demand, IBM Smart Cloud and on-premise deployment. SugarCRM can run either on the open-source LAMP stack or a unique “Blue Stack” consisting entirely of IBM platforms. Blue Stack enables customers to take advantage of IBM’s industry-leading products in areas like collaboration, business intelligence, smarter commerce and even home-grown solutions using the CastIron integration toolset.

Partner Benefits

CRM is one of the fastest-growing software markets, with sales expected to top $21 billion by 2014. “There are 730 million business e-mail users but only 15 million CRM users,” says Dawn Jaeger, Director of Channel Development at SugarCRM. “That’s a 25-times growth opportunity.”

It's also a growth opportunity for IBM business partners. SugarCRM currently has fewer than 100 partners in the US and is working with IBM to ramp up quickly. Here are some of the incentives for partners to participate:

An opportunity to derive new revenue and revenue streams. Unlike IT infrastructure products, CRM sales typically begin in the sales, business development and marketing organizations. That translates into new entry points for partners. The cloud-based deployment option also offers the opportunity to build a subscription revenue stream.

Special Partner Support Programs. SugarCRM is investing in partner growth with an enablement plan that's designed to help new partners close first sales within 90 days. The program focuses on training and certification for pre-sales, sales and development staff, as well as content, webcasts and support resources.

Bronze, silver and gold-level partnerships offer increased margins and incentives at each level. Partners need to demonstrate their own willingness to invest in building out their CRM business, but those who join SugarCRM will be in good company. Current partners include Task Exchange, Alacrinet, Flagship Solutions Group, Starfire Technologies, Highland Solution, Intricity and many others. 

This video has more information. Partners who are interested in taking advantage of SugarCRM’s partner investments and its strategic alignment with IBM can contact Dawn Jaeger at or 770-509-0640.


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