IBM Study: IT Critical for Business Decisions

By | Oct 25, 2013

Technology is increasingly valuable in driving business decisions, a new study by IBM has found. In the past, IT was considered part of a strategy, now IT is considered the key factor that makes business strategies happen. Having the right IT knowledge in-house and with experienced vendors can make a difference in implementing the right IT to drive business value.

Shift in Priorities

The research titled "The Customer-Activated Enterprise" gathered responses from IT professionals and business executives. The report, featured on Channel Pro SMB, concluded that a new shift in priorities has occurred over the past decade. Now, technology will play a major role in how organizations operate and will be a leading factor in the decision-making process, going beyond simple hardware and software considerations.

IBM found that executives believe technology remains the most significant external factor shaping business decisions. That influence ranges from consumer locations, social business, social media and the digital supply chain. In the end, organizations with a gap in tech knowledge will need to rely on vendors to help them make and invest in the right types of IT solutions.

Midsize Know-How

In this age of the consumerization of IT, the rise of mobility, the bring-your-own-device movement and the use of third-platform technologies like cloud computing and virtualization, business has become more competitive than ever before. For midsize firms that aim to remain as productive as possible, IT investments are key. Just what they will invest in, whether it is big data analytics in the cloud or virtualization technologies are significant decisions that require thought, knowledge and resources. Any misstep in the implementation can be a costly mistake, considering the hardware and software that might need to be replaced as well as any lapses in security that could lead to a breach of corporate data.

IBM's recent survey points out that vendors will play an increasingly important role as more technologies become necessary to remain competitive. IT professionals are aiming to work with vendors that understand their needs — needs that are quite different from the enterprise. Time, resources and money are always tight, yet solutions must be robust and offer a quick return on investment. There is a huge opportunity for vendors across all technology specializations and services to meet these needs. Meanwhile, there are additional opportunities for midsize firms to work with vendors and gain the knowledge they are lacking to help them make better IT decisions.

No More Gaps

Technology has a significant effect on how business decisions are being made, according to IBM's study. Midsize firms are a big part of this trend since they are constantly looking for the right types of IT to become even more productive. Should there be gaps in IT knowledge, vendors can help fill that gap and provide the consultation necessary to make well thought out business strategies a success.

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