IBM Releases Faster Big Data Analysis Technology

By | Jul 22, 2013

The problem faced by many IT managers and midsize businesses is the speed at which data is retrieved and sent. With so many large reports and analysis tools relying on the structure, architecture and raw code that controls these data sets, IT managers must deal with complaints from users that the system is too slow. IBM has just announced its release of faster big data analysis technology called BLU.

New Acceleration Technology

Big data, Lightening fast, Ultra easy (BLU) was released to accelerate in-memory data processes for IBM's longtime back end database platform called DB2, reports PC World. DB2 was around long before many of the newest database technologies, so IBM has a head start in gaining market shares from midsize businesses looking to add a performance boost to in-house queries.

One issue plaguing big data is the slowness factor when in-memory reads and writes must use the hard disk drive's virtual memory. The hard disk is much slower than volatile memory chips, but it's an alternative when servers run out of RAM. BLU was designed to run directly in memory, which speeds up any queries regardless of where they are coming from.

Another problem that plagues IT managers is the need to fine-tune, review, and check queries for any inefficiencies. If a query is not fine tuned, it can take minutes to return data whereas a fine-tuned query can return data in milliseconds. BLU promises to fix some of these SQL tuning issues and resolve slowness problems for queries that could be built a little better. Instead of asking the IT manager to go through slow queries and find the issues, IBM's big data analysis tools will run SQL in memory and speed up these inefficient queries.

IBM announces that the BLU technology can speed up queries by up to 25 times more than without the addition to DB2 servers. Additionally, using BLU can cut costs in data centers and faster servers. If the business wants to upgrade, it can implement BLU instead of buying additional hardware. This announcement comes after IBM's big competitor, Microsoft, announced that its Microsoft SQL Server 2014 was coming out with several big data tuning and in-memory querying techniques to speed up data searches and retrieval.

While users may never be happy with the speed at which data is returned, IT managers running DB2 can speed up business analytics to a decent standard speed using BLU.

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