How the iPad Mini and Other Tablets Can Help Midsize Businesses Increase Sales

By | Nov 14, 2012

Not sure if the iPad Mini or any tablet is right for your business? The biggest criticism over the latest tablet device is that it is a miniature iPad--or bigger iPhone--depending on your point of view. Tablets seem irrelevant for a business, but it can be a reliable second tool for sales and executive meetings and on-site presentations. The size of the new tablet rivals its competitor--the Kindle. However, it offers more interface, apps, and usability than Amazon's longstanding dominant tablet. Even though the advantages might not seem clear for business owners, tablets can help improve sales, and they are handy backup devices while traveling.

Could the Mini Takeover the Full-Sized iPad Tablet?

TechCrunch released a statement that it believes the latest iPad Mini tablet might overtake its predecessor, because it offers a more lightweight traveling option for business people. Tablets offer new advantages for businesses that need to allow users access to a Wi-Fi or a corporate network without a clunky laptop or a desktop station on location. IPads and other tablets also offer a new form of revenue for the business. As the company obtains more customers, creating Android and Apple apps for tablets offers ways for businesses to gain revenue from tablet users that have a hard time viewing a website in the tablet browser. Customers can also manage shipping, payments, and account information from a customized tablet application.

Midsize business can use tablets for sales and executive meetings. Some companies have salespeople who travel to customer locations for presentations or inspections. The salesperson might provide the customer a quote after the inspection. Using a customized app, the salesperson can open the Internet, send email, provide a quote to the customer, and send a receipt upon payment. All of this provides faster and better customer service for sales people and companies that provide on-site support for customers.

Because tablets provide users with a great secondary Internet and data connection, executives can use them on the road or in meetings. Tablets connect to a computer, so any files forgotten can be plugged into a desktop or laptop and used for sales pitches and presentations. This type of backup device makes it a lifesaver when forgetting files in the office.

The downside of a smaller tablet is the unnecessary added expensive for businesses that have already purchased iPads or other mobile devices. The Mini definitely has an advantage over the small-screened iPhone, but its only advantage over an iPad tablet is its size. And the price for 16GB could stop employees who already have access to an iPad.

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