Google Welcomes Kapow Software Into Enterprise Partner Program

By | Aug 7, 2012

Kapow Software, a leading vendor in the application integration market is now part of the Google Enterprise Partner program (GEP), extending the reach of Google Search Appliance to enhance the relevance and quality of Google's search results, according to a CBR Online news article. GEP offerings include enterprise application integration and technology solution customization which the company offers by collaborating with various independent software vendors, consultants and developers. According to Kapow, this partnership will enhance the power of Google search technologies across enterprises to help customers get the most out of their Google enterprise search deployments.

KapowKatalyst Application Integration 9.0

KapowKatalyst Application Integration 9.0 allows IT departments to control, manage and operate customized application integrations, Big Data queries and workflows. Now partnered with Google, the software will make most applications searchable, including legacy applications from SAP, Oracle and IBM. The software works by extracting business-critical metadata and creating a Google Search Application feed by integrating with Web 2.0 applications, including social and collaborative apps, community sites, wikis, and other supportive apps. By enriching search results with customer or industry-specific content, Google will be able to better address the IT needs of their business users employing solutions from the GEP program. This partnership will also enhance Google's ability to serve the diverse IT needs of enterprises, which will strengthen its position among other vendors in the market.

A Challenge for IT Managers

Choosing the right enterprise application software to maximize the productivity of a company's IT is a real challenge for IT managers. With a virtually unlimited number of industry-based applications to choose from, IT managers need that extra support in sorting out the best ones for their business; this support comes from technology itself, technology such as KapowKatalyst from Kapow Software, which makes enterprise application integration and search possible. Also, applications that integrate well with a company's existing software and data center go a long way in making installations less complicated and less costly.

Growing Competition

Google is not the only major vendor establishing successful partnerships to strengthen its position in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) market. Microsoft and Amazon, two major players in this market, are also expanding their partner programs in a bid to offer a variety of integrated solutions to businesses. Amazon's AWS Partner Network (APN) and Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) include various independent software vendors (ISVs) that offer Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), developer tools, and security services. This growing competition means more service features at competitive prices for businesses to choose from, providing better opportunities for IT managers at midsize business organizations to upgrade their IT with reduced investments.

Midsize Businesses and IT Partnership Programs

This partnership is well suited for midsize business organizations that have already employed technology solutions from the GEP program. Google offers a variety of services for enterprises through this program, and the company's latest partnership will add even more service features for business users. For IT managers, a variety of services from the same vendor eliminates the need of seeking services from multiple vendors to fulfill a company's varying IT needs, which can be beneficial to midsize businesses looking for more IT simplicity and cost savings.

Furthermore midsize businesses that tend to scale up and down with changing circumstances can also benefit from programs such as the GEP, which give IT departments the flexibility required in doing so, by offering a vast array of services and price ranges to choose from.

A downside to this is that partnership programs that exponentially expand a vendor's products and services could lead midsize businesses to overly depend on a single vendor; this of course could prove disastrous for the entire organization if such a vendor has security problems or other issues on their end. The recent Amazon power outage problem reported on Midsize Insider comes to mind as a prime example, an example that IT managers must keep in mind as they decide on enterprise products and services, particularly with regards to vendors in partnership programs.

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