Google Upgrades Big Data Tool BigQuery with Batch, Excel Query Support Features

By | Sep 14, 2012

With the latest upgrades to its big data tool BigQuery, Google continues its quest for dominance in the big data services market. The big data market has seen rapid growth as enterprises search for new ways to collect and analyze growing amounts of big data. While many vendors and start-ups continue to develop data analytics solutions for on-premise IT infrastructure, Google is focusing on the cloud to offer the same service with its BigQuery data analytics service.

According to a recent eWeek article, Google has integrated its BigQuery service with batch and Excel query support, which will eliminate the need for manually importing data and running queries on Excel and will also allow users to run noninteractive queries as a service.

Small and midsize firms are often unable to utilize the analytical benefits of big data information due to the high costs of setting up the required IT infrastructure. This is why Google's cloud based data analytics solutions are well suited for this market segment. Furthermore these upgrades to BigQuery, which simplify its use, should make it even more attractive for midsize IT managers.

Google's big data tool BigQuery is designed to handle complex data analytics as a service for enterprises, using the same IT infrastructure Google uses to collect and analyze terabytes of data every day. With the new Batch Queries feature, businesses will be able to run noninteractive batch queries (at 2 cents per GB of data processed) in addition to interactive queries (at 3.5 cents per GB of data processed), and the BigQuery Connector to Excel feature will allow users to execute queries using Microsoft Excel.

Rivals Amazon and Microsoft are experienced in offering services that allow businesses to leverage the open-source software framework to provide big data analysis through their Elastic MapReduce and Hadoop Azure platforms respectively, whereas Google is relatively new to this field. However, recent upgrades to its BigQuery service should help Google enhance its position against these rivals by making the service more adaptable to small and midsize needs. A smart move on Google's part since SMB's are expected to spend about $100 billion on cloud related services by 2014, according to research reported by CRN.

As of now this competition is largely limited to a handful of vendors since other major vendors have yet to develop cloud based big-data analytic solutions.

The Cloud Offers Gateway to Big Data Tools for Small and Midsize Firms

For IT managers at small and midsize businesses yet to embrace the big data movement, cloud based data analytics solutions such as BigQuery can emerge as a cost-effective alternative to setting up expensive IT infrastructure capable of handling surging amounts of big data. Also, a pay-per-use service can help them reap these rewards by analyzing big data with limited in-house IT infrastructure.

For growing midsize firms still operating data analytics tools on their own IT infrastructure, the need might arise to upgrade the infrastructure to handle this growth. They also will need to address related concerns such as security that come with growing data as well as the need for increased IT expertise and resources.

Therefore, using the IT infrastructure of these major vendors, which is offered as a service, should address some concerns that IT managers have regarding security, return on investment as well as service costs in the long run of operating big data analytic tools.

According to O'Reilly, the success of SaaS data analytic solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon is expected to bring more names into the game if rumors about VMware and are true.

A determined approach from big name vendors like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to bring data analytics service to the cloud makes big data more accessible and affordable for small and midsize firms and as more vendors compete, the data analytics market should see a variety of data analytics solutions that would not only encourage SMBs to follow larger enterprises in employing advanced technology solutions, but will also significantly close down the information gap between smaller and larger firms.

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