Google Enhances Cloud-Based Database

By | Nov 13, 2012

Google's innovative Cloud SQL database has received several upgrades, most notably to storage, speed, and location choice. The upgrades include enhancements for speedier read and writes, more storage, and the choice of running instances in either the U.S. or Europe, InfoWorld reports. Google enhances products often and with purpose, so these latest upgrades, it could be argued, are an attempt to gain more ground in the cloud computing market.

In a blog post, Joe Faith, product manager for the Google Cloud SQL, wrote that storage would increase by 10 times to 100GB, the size of instances has been increased to 16GB RAM, faster writes via optional asynchronous replication, EU datacenter option for Premier customers and integration with Google Apps Script.

"You want your application to be fast. Databases play a big role in your overall application speed and end-users' experience. Reads and writes should execute instantly, even as your user base grows to millions of users, and this requires faster, larger databases," wrote Faith.

"Google App Engine is designed to scale. And now Google Cloud SQL, a MySQL database that lives in Google's cloud, is scaling up alongside App Engine to meet that demand for faster access to more data. With the features we are launching today, you can now work with bigger, faster MySQL databases in the cloud."

Midsize Tech Firms Should Shop Around for Different Cloud Options

To tempt new customers, Google has started a trial offer for its Cloud SQL service. New clients would get to test one single instance with a small amount of ram and 500MB of storage until June 1, 2013. This is similar to Amazon's free tier option.

The new enhancements from Google are a welcome addition. However, there is one drawback with the option of asynchronous replication for faster writes. It allows for faster writes to the database because the system doesn't need to wait for the replication to end. Users may lose the latest updates if a data center fails within a few seconds of making these updates. This represents a small risk, but midsize tech firms will want to take note of it regardless.

Also, Amazon offers several Cloud SQL options for its clients. Recently Amazon Web Services announced two new kinds of instances, an extra large database instance with 15GB of memory and medium sized database with 3.75GB.

The options for cloud computing are there for midsize tech firms to consider. The technology will continue to improve and cloud computing will become more popular as time goes on, so it is most definitely something that midsize IT firms will want to plan for, if not in the short term, at least in the long term. Google enhances all of its creations with similar upgrades at different times of the year. Midsize businesses should look out for further upgrades to other products in the near future.

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