Google and Fedex Partner for Midsize Business Cloud Computing

By | May 4, 2012

Printing is almost obsolete with cloud computing. Documents and important paperwork can be scanned and stored on a cloud storage drive, so no paper is needed. However, there are still times when a midsize business needs a hardcopy, and that's where Google and Fedex are useful. Google has offered several cloud hosting packages and services, and with its partnership with Fedex, midsize businesses can send a printout of any document directly to the closest Fedex office. This means you don't even need a printer in the office, but you do need to make a trip to the Fedex store closest to the business.

The Advantages of Cloud Printing and the Fedex Service

TechCrunch reports that the new Fedex cloud printing service is available from any Google account set up for the business. The cloud printing services work directly with the Chrome browser, so you can set up a preferred local Fedex office and send the print job directly to the office for pickup.

The Fedex cloud services also works with Google Docs, the new Google Drive, and even with mobile phones. Midsize businesses that want to take advantage of cloud printing need a place to "park" a printer. The service offers the ability to print to hundreds of locations, but the main advantage is that Fedex offices also let the business owner fax, copy, and scan the document at the location where the document was printed. If the owner needs additional services that aren't available in the office, this option is an affordable alternative to internal copier, fax machines, and scanners.

For IT personnel, the job of managing printers is no longer an issue. With cloud printing, the IT manager can focus on security and other pertinent issues regarding the network instead of jammed paper or an offline print queue.

The Disadvantages of Using a Cloud Printing Services

Sure, it's cheaper, but printing in the cloud is not as convenient as having a printer in the office or at your desk. You also still use paper, so it's not necessarily "green," except that you save energy resources and lower your own electric bill.

The main advantage to having cloud printing is the expense saved, but the disadvantage is that you must drive to the Fedex location. If the Fedex location is miles away, cloud printing may be more of an inconvenience than it's worth. However, if you need to use Fedex's scanner, fax machine, or other services, the cloud printing services save you time. You can have the documentation processed for only a few dollars at the Fedex store.

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