Creating a Social Relationship Platform: How Companies Boost Their Cloud Offerings

By | Jun 1, 2012

In the marketplace today, one of the essential features of any business model is having at least one facet pertaining to the use of a social relationship platform. The majority of the Internet population use some form of social media--whether it be Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, utilizing such a landscape can create a more uniform spread of business leads. This is especially important for small and midsize businesses that do not have a budget for more traditional and expensive advertising campaigns.

As recently reported by TechCruch, Oracle bought Vitrue's social marketing cloud. By adding this technology, and combining it with the cloud computing software already within Oracle's infrastructure, Oracle cloud will become a social relationship platform. This platform will contain several social media capabilities, such as monitoring, analytics and lead generation. Vitrue is mainly known for its Social Relationship Management platform, which helps small to midsize businesses use their marketing efforts with various social media platforms. The service is a great way to track the effectiveness of social media campaigns--something that all businesses are looking for. Combining this analytical interface with cloud computing technology creates a whole new blend of information technology.

Enterprise Apps Today also covered the sale, bringing some interesting and useful insights to the discussion. According to Oracle, the merging of the cloud computing technology with the social marketing cloud was done in response to market demand. This demand came from the ever-evolving chaotic world of social media. More and more platforms are being developed, and the marketplace is becoming overpopulated. In other words, it is becoming harder for businesses to find and understand their market niche. The deal creates a social relationship platform that will include numerous cloud-based social media-enabled capabilities, including the monitoring and analytics of lead generation.

This kind of merger could be an indication of oncoming exponential growth of cloud computing technology. Oracle is just one example of a company trying to boost its cloud offerings. For example, as reported by Bloomberg, SAP also intends to purchase more developed cloud services. If social media use continues to grow, then the creation of more social relationship cloud computing technology may be more in demand. And everyone knows what happens with supply and demand.

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