Cloud Computing Market Growth: Security and Compliance

By | May 2, 2013

When it comes to cloud computing, security is a necessity. According to new research, that very need will help the cloud market grow over the next few years. Midsize firms are in the position to implement new security offerings as they turn to the cloud for increased productivity.

Proper Implementation

In the next three years, Gartner predicts the cloud security market will top $4.2 billion. The findings, featured in IT Pro , point out that demand will grow because more and more firms will be looking for affordable security solutions to properly implement cloud services. The article also mentions that, earlier in the year, Gartner predicted the cloud will account for 10 percent of IT security enterprise product capabilities within the next two years.

Gartner also found that buying patterns are changing. Overall, the cloud has been proven to offer great benefits. Not only is it easy to deploy and maintain, but also it has provided users with a good ROI. However, to ensure they experience fully all those benefits, companies must implement the right security measures.

Gartner also found that companies are interested in cloud security to meet regulatory compliance concerns. Companies want to reduce costs in log management, compliance reporting, and security event monitoring. As time goes on and more laws are set in place regarding compliance, Gartner predicts that cloud-based tokenisation and security information and event management (SIEM) services will also be in demand.

Secure Clouds at Midsize Firms

Midsize firms are implementing the cloud for increased productivity and cost savings. Knowing the cloud's capabilities, IT managers at midsize firms use it to make up for a lack of resources. The cloud helps save on hardware and software investments as well as on future upgrade costs. As a result of increased cloud use, IT pros must consider security regulations and compliance measures with the overall cloud implementation package so they don't lose the value of the benefits they will receive.

Gartner's overall findings are interesting for IT pros at midsize firms to consider. IT managers must work with most experienced vendors to understand security and compliance needs in addition to cloud readiness, requirements, and entry points. Solutions should be cost-effective and easily implemented. Compared to larger firms, midsize businesses have tighter resources, less time, and fewer personnel to make sure a cloud implementation is successful and meets overall business goals.

Future Security

Gartner's latest findings show that security will be a growing priority as more firms implement cloud computing. IT pros at midsize firms will be considering the latest security and compliance solutions to ensure their cloud investments are worthwhile. Within a few years, as demand grows, there will be bigger array of solutions to consider that will help them make the most of their cloud investment.

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