Cloud Computing Could be the Next Big Thing for Automakers

By | Sep 13, 2012

All major industries are finding ways to integrate the cloud and save money in the process, so it only makes sense that the automobile industry should be doing the same. A recent CloudTweaks article claimed that "cloud computing is bound to change the industry and driving as we know it." The article discussed three main areas the cloud could (and likely will) change the automobile industry: partnerships and integration, manufaturer-dealer-customer chain, and auto infotainment. Of the three areas mentioned, auto infotainment may be the one that would affect midsize IT professionals.

Many midsize companies are allowing employees to bring their own devices to work and access the vital company related data on noncompany-owned devices. IT employees work hard to make sure that the BYOD policies are effective, data is secure, and business runs smoothly and efficiently through the cloud. Since the implementation of BYOD, tech professionals have been busy keeping up with all the different types of smartphones, tablets, and the varying operating systems and software programs they all use. Now, with automakers looking to improve infotainment systems, the next BYOD that IT professionals have to master may be the cars employees drive to work.

Experts believe infotainment will make up at least 40 percent of a car's total value by 2025. Voice control has seen some hiccups due to the need for massive processors and software. By using the cloud, this challenge can be addressed and additional services like avoiding traffic jams, browsing the web, and paying for services like parking or toll fees can all be done through the cloud. Cars used for business related work will likely need access to the company cloud to track business related travel and expenses more efficiently. With each automaker creating their own infotainment system and cloud service, IT professionals will need to become well versed in American as well as foreign systems.

IT professionals also can prepare their midsize companies now for the potential that cars will have in helping a company become more efficient. By educating themselves about the various infotainment systems and cloud services that automakers have in place, IT professionals can determine which products work best with the company software and cloud services. Cloud computing is being embraced by all industries in some way and with automakers embracing it in all aspects of their industry, it is definitely something IT professionals should stay on top of.

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