Citrix Podio Touted as Social Tool That Enables Work

Jun 15, 2012

Citrix Podio is a new collaboration between Citrix and Podio, a company Citrix acquired in April 2012, that aims to blend work collaboration platforms with social media. The new platform was showcased at Citrix Synergy 2012, and Citrix CEO Mark Templeton was present to give the new product a warm rap to the Synergy audience, claiming that this new tool wasn't about "yammering about work" like other social platforms, but rather, providing a space to actually collaborate and get work done.

eChannelLine reports that the new platform will come with over 600 free apps already built into the system, with the ability to custom create more. The platform also features extensive integration with other collaboration-driven systems like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Evernote. This is what sets the service apart from other providers offering similar tools, according to Templeton. They are not seeking to provide a service that competes with Dropbox or Google Drive, rather one that integrates and adds value and functionality.

For midsize businesses, where financial constraints lie at the heart of many decisions, the need for efficiency and streamlined work processes becomes more important than ever. The most basic benefit from using any online collaboration tools, not just the services Citrix is offering, is that employees can collaborate when needed, no matter where they are. This means that if a key player in your latest strategy can't make it to an important meeting, they can still "make it" to the meeting virtually via the use of virtual meeting rooms, shared documents, or collaborative work spaces.

However, as businesses transport more and more of their workloads and data storage into online platforms, IT managers need to ensure all relevant staff are up to date with the technology as they migrate. This will minimize the risk of an employee accidentally deleting files (stranger things have happened) or any other blunders. It will also ensure that the desired efficiency from the move to collaborative online work spaces is realized.

IT managers at midsize firms who have not looked into online collaborative platforms may be risking letting their firm slip behind the eight ball in terms of technological efficiency. Value-adding services like social collaboration spaces make the work process more efficient, cutting down on the need for endless emails between colleagues, because they can make real-time comments as work progresses in a collaborative space.

Aside from the services Citrix is offering, what the development of "add-on" services like Citrix Podio signals is that online collaboration and cloud-based work spaces have taken a firm hold as a business essential; Citrix is banking on the fact.

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