Born On Tech: Getting To Know @SpotHero (Video)

By | Jul 31, 2014


How making parking simple created a culture of Heros! An Interview With SpotHero COO and Co-Founder, Jeremy Smith. 

Imagine never having to worry about where to park.

Whether heading to a ballgame, dinner or running errands downtown, picture yourself simply downloading an app (of course) and entering your destination for an instant list of parking options. Instead of circling endlessly or cursing under your breathe at that pickup truck that is clearly taking up two spots, you just search, pick and pay, and away you go.

Even though it may feel like you need a miracle to find good parking, the truth is, you don’t. You just need a hero, a SpotHero.


In this second installment of Born on Tech we visit the beautiful city of Chicago  to check out the global headquarters of SpotHero.

Not familiar with this rapidly growing company? With hundreds of thousands of transactions and a presence in some of the largest cities in America, SpotHero has set out to rethink and disrupt the way we handle one of the most painful problems for urban drivers:parking.

Ready to learn more about how this company went from idea to online sensation in just a few short years? Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration, and some unpaid parking tickets.

Kicking It Off: The Inspiration Behind SpotHero

Getting From Idea To Millions: How the company turned its idea into a company generating millions of dollars in revenues and spreading from one cityto 7 major cities throughout the US.

Does Data Make Parking Sexy? SpotHero is using Big Data to drive its growth, market expansion and customer experience. A look under the hood of the startup’s use of data and app development.

Did We Say Data: How SpotHero collects customer insights to tweak its business objectives and improve customer satisfaction.

The Future of SpotHero: Where will SpotHero be in the next several months and years? Check out what Smith has to say about the future

Changing The World: We ask Jeremy how he is using the technology and services being built by SpotHero to change the world. Find out what he says…

Special thanks to IBM, Midsize Insider, Jeremy Smith, Mark Lawrence, Larry Kiss, and the team at SpotHero for stopping by Born On Tech to share their story with us; making this possible. Stay tuned for the next episode of Born On Tech where we will be featuring another entrepreneur whose company is changing the way we live through building technology with a vision.

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