Big Data Analytics: Success through Culture

By | Mar 31, 2014

Big data analytics is on the wish list of more midsize firms than ever before. Analytics offers insight into the increasing deluge of business data hitting these companies every day. This insight can be extremely useful, paving the way for better decision making. A growing firm will then experience increased productivity and a boost to the bottom line. To make big data solutions work, however, there is more to it than just choosing the right software and solutions; there is a culture to consider, too.

Ideal Professionals

A recent article in AllAnalytics reports on the discussions that took place at the SAS Global Forum, which brought together IT leaders from various firms to gain insight into how analytics can be best implemented. Culture was brought up as a big factor. As the high-tech business world moves full speed ahead, IT professionals will have the opportunity to shine when delivering big data analytics solutions. A keynote speaker at the forum pointed out that money is not the issue when looking for the right IT professionals. The key is to find a new generation of professionals who can handle the latest challenges, which will keep these IT professionals satisfied with their jobs.

The article relates some take-away tips for firms to consider when hiring an IT professional to take on big data issues. These include showing that the organization's environment is challenging, showcasing achievements on a regular basis and emphasizing that each IT project is integral to helping the company achieve.

The Big Future

Big data is the key to tackling grand-scale projects such as scientific research, crunching complex medical numbers or making big-time calculations. It has been shifting to all types of businesses in recent years and has trickled down to smaller firms. It is not only about big numbers and data crunching, nor is it just for companies with dedicated big data staff. Midsize firms that are implementing analytics solutions are making better business decisions, and that is why they are stepping ahead of the competition.

Midsize firms are constantly looking to invest in solutions to help them grow, and there will continue to be a shift in the industry as more companies, big and small, take a look at their IT staff and budgets and consider what resources and software they need to make the most of their investments. Time, money and resources are always a concern for smaller firms, but they want to implement technology in the best way with a secure footing. For some firms, hiring big data analytics professionals may be part of the equation, and ensuring their satisfaction on the job is a step toward increased productivity.

Big Considerations

More midsize firms are considering big data than ever before and will continue to do so. A combination of the right tools and the right vendor support and the hiring of IT professionals who are enthusiastic about their expertise will help midsize firms adjust to the cultural shift that is taking place, a shift in which big data analytics is playing a much larger role in the workplace than ever before.

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