Apps Being Adjusted for iPhone and Other Small Screens

By | Dec 27, 2012

As the cloud continues to grow and people use apps on a variety of devices, one application producer has figured out that programs may need some adjustments depending on the device from which they are accessed. RockMelt recently adjusted its iPad app to be better suited for the iPhone's smaller screen. The adjustment allows for more thumb manipulation, which is common when viewing sites and data a handheld devices, improving the user experience on smaller and larger devices. CNET reports that "the sharing tools have been 'candified,'" meaning that the icons are more colorful big enough to be tapped with the thumb.

Midsize Business Using More Devices

With many midsize IT professionals using various devices, from various locations, the ideas of apps adjusting to the device is exciting. If an app is adjusted to a smaller screen and allows for more commands using the thumbs, it will likely speed up the work that midsize IT professionals do. Although Apple devices seem to be leading the way in the adjustment, Microsoft is catching up. The new Office 15, which is scheduled to be released in 2013, will offer thumb touch controls that are expected to make utilizing Office on tablets and other mobile devices easier.


Since many midsize companies allow BYOD policies, the ability to download apps that adjust across all devices is something many midsize professionals will appreciate. It may also help midsize IT professionals better sync employee devices. RockMelt may be focusing on Apple products for now, but they have neither confirmed or denied that Windows 8 apps are in the works. If RockMelt or other app developers design apps that work on Android, iPhone, and Windows phones as well as tablets, laptops, and desktops, all while adjusting for each screen, they may see a huge surge in usage.

Moving Forward

Midsize IT professionals will likely be watching app improvements and new app developments in the next year to find apps that not only work on a multitude of platforms but also adjust to the various devices and screens from which users access the apps. Apps that allow you to save what your doing and open it on a another device to continue where you left off will also become more popular. Rockmelt's app currently lets you read a news article and pick up exactly where you left off on a another device. App developers are keen to create apps that better meet users' wants and needs, so the apps of 2013 and beyond will likely be created to appeal to users both on a personal and business level.

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