Apple's iPad Mini Price Leaks Ahead of Announcement

By | Oct 18, 2012

Despite over a year of failing to mention the product when so many in the industry were sure it was in the works, Apple now looks ready to take the cloak off of the iPad Mini. The upcoming announcement will be especially important for midsize businesses looking to revolutionize their mobile workforce, as the specifics regarding the device will help inform IT managers about the feasibility of using the Mini as a tablet solution for their business.

Apple's Announcement

While Apple had discounted the appeal of a 7-inch tablet, the success of devices like the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 are undeniable and now it looks almost inevitable that Apple will attempt to bring its industry-dominating iPad brand into this space. The smaller version of the iPad has been discussed around the Web for months, and, while Apple still hasn't confirmed anything, an upcoming release is now pretty much expected.

It now appears that the device's announcement has a firm date, as Apple has invited a few members of the media to an event on Oct. 23, according to this eWeek article. While the actual invitation doesn't mention any specifics, some of the wording suggests that the iPad Mini, or whatever Apple decides to call it, will be the center of attention.

Some analysts think that Apple may include a few other anticipated devices at the event, but the buzz right now is all about the Mini as competing 7-inch tablets are proving their popularity.

The Tablet Revolution

It's becoming obvious that tablets are changing the way that business gets done. Just like laptops did more than a decade ago, tablets offer a new kind of mobility that people are flocking to. Businesses who want to keep their mobile workforce competitive should already be beginning the transition to tablets, at least on some level. Many in upper management have already made the switch, but with each passing month there is more and more evidence that a tablet device, backed with the right apps, can make just about any mobile user more productive.

Some recent studies have shown that iPad use in the SMB market has quadrupled in the last year, and that the vast majority of business leaders who have adopted tablets have seen an increase in productivity from making that decision.

This transition to tablet-based mobility isn't easy for midsize businesses that have enough mobile employees to make this change really expensive without the financial play room that larger enterprises have. Many are hoping that the iPad Mini will be close in price to competing 7-inch tablets like the Google Nexus or the Kindle Fire, but some suggest that Apple may still decide to charge a premium for its products..

Midsize businesses who are looking for tablet options that are less expensive than the standard iPad will soon have some figures to work with. The decision about whether or not the iPad Mini would be right for any particular business will vary wildly based on circumstances, but all businesses looking to upgrade their mobile workforce need to at least give the device some consideration.

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