2014 Cloud Computing Trends Show Positive Signs

By | Feb 27, 2014

Cloud computing trends for 2014 appear to show positive signs, according to reports. How are these trends playing out so far?

The business and financial news website DailyFinance reported predictions for the cloud in 2014, and things are looking good. The article provided an analysis of the ways in which migration to the cloud will become more of a mainstream process this year.

A Growing Cloud Market

This news is not particularly surprising because reports have been indicating an obvious and ongoing shift to cloud computing, even from the consumer side. It has been referred to as the "consumerization of IT," and 2014 will likely bring forth the "capitalization of IT." Businesses and customers will be tied together through systems that exist in virtual machines and in servers managed by providers.

The market for computing and storage of this type has been growing like wildfire, and it has been segmented by specialists and some companies overseas. However, small and midsize businesses in the United States will likely be very selective when choosing a provider. They will insist on a vendor that is flexible and provides services that align with their business needs.

A Change in How Businesses View the Cloud

The year 2013 could be thought of as the year of testing and research when it comes to migrating to the cloud. Many companies reportedly spent a great deal of time using demos and license-free versions of software to run development staging and other testing phases. These versions lacked tech support, but IT managers saw an opportunity to learn and grow into cloud computing before making an important purchase decision.

The bottom line is that companies want to move more production into the cloud in order to be more competitive and responsive to their customers. They also want to save money on data centers and IT personnel costs.

The cloud has become a powerful and versatile tool for businesses across industries and of every size, including small, midsize and enterprise organizations. Key trends are that prices are falling and features are expanding, and these developments bode well for new adopters aiming to get ahead in the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

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