Posture Brace Corrector


Claiming to be the number 1 support brace recommended by doctors, this product is a good choice of the correction of one’s posture. Presented in the market in 2011, the simple yet important product is an ingenuity of Dr. Joshua Dorsey, a chiropractor in Ohio

All you need is to wear it half an hour, everyday, one can easily notice how their posture improves and even eases their back pain.


The product can be worn in two ways:

  • The brace can be worn around one’s shoulders for slight posture improvement
  • It can be worn across the back for a more rigid posture improvement


It comes in 5 sizes

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X –Large

If the buyer is between the two sizes, it is always better to buy the bigger one.


  • Black
  • White

Period of wearing

Initially, it is best to be worn around 15 minutes per day for the first few days. Successively, it should be worn for up to only thirty minutes and must not be worn for the whole day.

Posture correction cannot be attained in a matter of days, so one should be patient in wearing this everyday as per instruction.

One of the advantages of the product is that the user will no longer need to fit or adjust it. All one need is to put it and take it off after the required time.

You can wear the Posturific brace under your shirt and cannot be seen not unless the fabric you are wearing is somewhat transparent.  For better protection, it is best to be worn atop of an undergarment and prevent the elastic material from contacting directly on your skin.

Posturific brace is a very light, beneficial and effective product, worth wearing whether you are young or old.

An inexpensive product, priced at $20, Posturific is so easy to use and will not need any assistance from the others.

In addition, makers of Posturific promised a money back guarantee if after a month, you are not satisfied with the product.

How it works

The brace works by positioning and pulling one’s shoulder.  When the shoulders are fully pulled back, it stretches muscles on the chest that becomes tighter due to improper posture. In this manner, Posturific do wonders. Muscles and nerves need to be trained once again so that it will be back to its old original position. Sometimes even after you already took off the brace, you still feel that you still have the brace in you, it means that the muscles and nerves have started to accept its renewed condition.

For the first few uses, expect that there will be some drawbacks since the muscles and nerves are still adjusting to its new position.  Sometimes it may hurt, but trying it every day and adjusting the few minutes more of wearing it will actually help the individual reaching his goal in correcting and having a proper posture.

Even patients with shoulder surgery years ago proved that Posturific is a great help not improving their posture, but also in supporting their arms and shoulders and helping to continuously fix their previous problems.

Men with large chests sometimes encounter problems with the x large for it can’t fit them well.

Instructional material

The product is being shipped with an instructional material about the 4 exercises vital to improve one’s posture.

The exercise material is a plus point for this product since it helps the user other than Posturific, there are exercises that can really help to correct improper posture.

Physical therapist and Orthodist prescribe the product for a specific medical problem.