What Is A Vacuum Sealer

It is a device that removes air from a plastic bag and seals it for future consumption. Typically, it is used to preserve food. However, in some models, they can be utilized for other purposes, like saving documents, shirts, etc.

The basic models have suction motor and heat sealer. But other commercial-grade units include air compressor to further suck the air out of the bag.

Most of the time, it is used with food items, especially perishable ones. People utilize this machine to retain food’s freshness for a longer period of time. This method of preservation is said to be more effective than when you left it open to the air. It will also prevent food from freezer burn.

Standard units come with only three options to seal food. First, food items are placed inside a plastic bag. Then, the open end of the bag is placed in the machine. The sealer will vacuum the air out of the bag.

Once the air is removed, the unit seals the bag. But not all units can perform this function. By sealing the bag, it means heating and melting the plastic to create a solid closure. When you need to open it, it needs to be cut below the heat seal.

Other units, on the other hand, have special functions that allow users to create a custom-sized bag from a roll. You can cut the plastic to your desired length.

For larger units, they have attachments that let you vacuum special canisters. They come with a hose that you can attach to the sealer.

Some units offer several speeds, letting you customize the amount of pressure that you can place on the food. They are especially great to avoid crushing of delicate foods.

Why Do You Need The Vacuum Sealer?

There are several advantages of using a food vacuum sealer, regardless of the type and model you have. Its major benefits will include:

  • Preserving the nutrients in your food.
  • Maintaining freshness of the food.

Other benefits of vacuum sealing your food are listed below:

Avoid freezer burn

When you freeze your food in a freezer, it can be “freezer burned.” But this can be avoided by vacuum sealing your food. The sealer will take out all air from the plastic preventing your food from getting freezer burned.

Freezer burned will result when there is air surrounding the plastic, which causes condensation and formation of ice crystals.

Because it prevents freezer burning, your food stays fresher and its taste is also better even if you store it for a longer period of time.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk will usually result in spoilage, even though it allows you to save money. By properly storing it, your food can last longer.

Thanks to the best vacuum sealer on the market, you can now purchase food in larger quantities without having to worry about spoilage. You can keep it for days, weeks or even months.

A vacuum sealer is especially useful when you need to find food items on sale. It is also great if you need to store the items and pack them for an upcoming event that you are planning.

Plan meals

The best food vacuum sealers are not just great for those who want to save money in purchasing food items on sale but they are also useful for people who wish to lose weight.

Portion control is one of the most recommended methods of losing weight. With the use of a food sealer, you can easily make portion sizes of your meals and store them in your fridge.

If you wish to have just three ounces of chicken per serving or meal, for instance, you can measure out the size and seal it. When you need to eat, you do not need to weigh and measure because your meal has already portioned out ahead.

With that in mind, dieting or making portion sizes becomes easier and more pleasurable.

Or you can also ask the supplier to weigh and measure your food as you purchase it. When you are ready to cook it, everything has been prepared allowing you to cook and enjoy your food a lot quicker than before.

Preserve flavor

Frozen foods and meats tend to lose their flavors. The reason for this is that ice crystal formation can cause the food to change. As a result, it loses flavor when heating it.

Then, if it is not frozen properly, it can easily absorb others from other food items in the freezer. These other food items can take away the flavor or mask the original taste of the food.

Another thing that will be lost because of improper storage is the nutrients of the food because of the air present in the plastic bag or container.

With the help of a vacuum sealing unit, your food’s flavor and nutrients are retained, besides preventing it from absorbing the flavors and odors of other units in your fridge or freezer.

Save time

More and more parents are now using some of the best vacuum sealers found in our reviews because these units can help them save time in preparing meals for their kids.

Parents are busy people. With the use of these units, they can save time as they can easily plan the meals of their family.

You, too, can take advantage of the food vacuum sealer’s benefits. With it, you can plan your meals for one week, buy in bulk and portion them out. Then, before storing them, vacuum seal them first.

Since your food is sealed and packed in a bag, you can easily label it before placing it in your freezer. Then, you can take it out and prepare the meals. You can vacuum seal anything, from meats to desserts to vegetables/fruits.

And if you will be gone for a few days or weeks and your spouse will be left alone with your kids, you do not have to worry as to whether or not they will have food while you are gone.

You can just prepare the meals ahead and freeze them. When they come home, they can take it out from the freezer, thaw it, heat it (if necessary), and eat.

Surely, the best food vacuum sealer in our reviews can save you time from weighing, cutting or planning the meals for you and your family. Your family members will no longer have excuses to eat out, when it is time for them to cook as the food is already prepared for them.

Although you may need to invest in this unit, food vacuum sealing is all worth it. All food vacuum sealers in our reviews have handy features allowing them to be more versatile than any other units on the market.

Types of vacuum sealers

The main goal of the sealer is to remove the air from an oxygenated environment before sealing the container. In this way, it prevents air from entering the de-oxygenated atmosphere.

One of the reasons people use food savers is of hygiene. With it, you can control the environment where your food is stored. Because there is no oxygen in the container or plastic bag, chemical reactions will not take place. In other words, it prevents aerobic bacteria from thriving and feeding on your food.

Another reason people are using this type of device is that it lessens the volume and space it takes up for the food to be stored in the fridge or cupboard. That said, it allows you to store more food.

There are different types of sealers but the most common are the nozzle, chamber and channel.

Nozzle Vacuum SealerChannel Vacuum SealerChamber Vacuum Sealer

If you want something more reliable and a bit stronger, you could purchase a Nozzle Vacuum Sealer. These are a little more versatile, as they use a retractable nozzle to remove the air from the bags. This means that you don’t need specially textured plastic materials in order to store your food. Another neat feature is the fact that they allow you to use a gas, like nitrogen, to increase the preservation process. The downside here is that this technique creates uneven sealing, and thus it might take longer for the products to be cooled off.


Best Water Softener Usage Tips

A combination of Iron Pro 48K and Fleck 5600 SXT digital metered valve, it can cater a 48,000-grain water, for the use of a big family.  After passing into this water treatment system, you are assured of calcium and magnesium free soft water.


The twin tank system allows an abundant supply of treated soft water.  It eliminates stains from iron and scale.  With the Fleck 5600SXT, it regenerates automatically depending on the water usage of the household.

An all in one, it is a water softener and iron filter in one water treatment system.

The Fleck 5600SXT’s valve is digitally metered for easy use.  The product promises to remove all water hardness, 6-8 ppm range for iron, 6 ppm for manganese, sediment, sand and even rust.

By using the combination water softener, toxic elements such as magnesium and calcium, the main culprit of the hardness of water, will be eliminated as well as providing the household with soft, clean water.

Less hassle

Due to its high performance, it can supply the water need of a big family in a household with 2/3 bathrooms.  It can treat up to 16 gallons of water per minute.


The unit is very easy to install if you have the basic knowledge of plumbing.  The package comes with instructions for easy installation. Otherwise, hire a local plumber for secure installation.  It will take 1-2 hours for installation.

Metered water softener

With the Iron Pro 48K and Fleck 5600SXT allows to process, gallons of water before regenerating.  Since this is a digital meter valve, there is no need to always check for the machine. It automatically adjusts to the water need of the family.  The meter regenerates and conserves water and salt at the same time.   The Fleck5600SXT has a touch pad, LCD display with backlit for easy operation.  This model is the most cost effective systems present in the market today.

48,000 grain capacity

The unit has 1.5 cubic feet of fine mesh resin that can remove a maximum of 48000 grains of water hardness in between regeneration. With this specifically made resin, water treatment for red and clear water is never easy.

KDF 55 Media


The water treatment system combination is designed to eliminate iron, chlorine and other heavy metals presented in hard water.


Only clean, soft water

The combination water treatment system eliminates scale from softening water and leaves no residue on faucets, pipes and fixtures.

Less soap and detergent

By using soft water, it reduces the need for large amount of soap and detergents while doing dishes, laundry and even while taking a bath.

Appliance durability

By using clean, soft water, appliances need little or no maintenance at all.  The appliances will function for a long time as compared to those functioning with hard water.  With clean water running on machines and pipes, there will be no stains, lime, scale and even water stains on the cutleries, plates, glasses and other materials washed in the dishwasher.  Clothes will have no undesirable odors and stains after washing cycle in the washing machine.  It will also require less fabric softener as clothes remain soft and clean with the treated water.

USA made

The water treatment system is manufactured in the USA.   The premium quality of polyglass tank is durable and made by Structural USA, a trusted tank-manufacturing corporation.

Brine tank

Thelarge brine tank can hold up to 250 lbs of salt. Since it can hold a large amount of salt, regeneration process needs a little attention.  It comes with a float assembly for reliability.


The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on control head and 10-year warranty on tank.


GE Profile Spacemaker – Electric Laundry Center


GE for decades now has been in the forefront when it comes to providing customers with holistic and complete solutions as far as their home appliances needs and requirements are concerned. In keeping with this trend, they have over the years have come out with dozens of washing machine covering various needs and requirements. As a customer there is hardly any doubt that when it comes to buying a washing machine there are quite a few things which must be kept in mind. Especially when one is looking for stacking machines the choice becomes even more difficult. However, when one looks at the much talked about GE Profile Spacemaker WSM2700HWW 27 2.7 Cu. Ft Electric Laundry Center – White there are a number of features and facilities which are quite good and interesting. Hence we will try and have a closer look at the same as far as specifications and functionalities are concerned.

Basic Features And Specifications


According to many customers it is one of the best extra large washing machines available in the market. It has three different wash cycles and they are regular, delicate and permanent press. Further it also comes with three wash and rinsing temperatures to choose from. It also has three different water levels along with quality electro mechanical controls. The auto dry feature also is quite efficient because it uses thermostat technology for monitoring temperature in the air. This also helps a lot in reducing fab.

Brief Specifications


The product dimensions are 77.5 inches x 32 inches x 29 inches. It weighs around 111 pounds which is quite good considering the fact that it is made from high quality plastic as far as the externals are concerned. The drums are made from high quality material which are corrosion and rust free. It works on 120 volts and has a circuit breaker of 30 Amp which trips automatically should some problem arise. It is made from unique quite packages which go a long way in ensuring that it is reasonably noise free except when spinning at high speeds. The product also comes with a 1 year limited warranty as far as products and labor are concerned.

Advantages And Benefits Which Entice Customers


The reason why this product is so very much sought after could be attributed to the fact that it has extra sized washers and dryers which can accommodate larger number of clothes. The insides of the machine are 27 inches x 75 inches and 1/2 feet tall. However, it is very ergonomically designed and therefore does not occupy too much of space. It also has a built in bleach dispenser which certainly helps in neat and white cleaning. The dryer also has different settings which again is something which attracts the attention of customers. It also has additional layers of sound insulation featuring Quite-By-Design technology. The sound decibels are significantly lowered because of this feature. On the whole based on many positive reviews it seemingly offers very good value for money and is a complete and holistic washing machine.



While buying a washing machine customers usually look at two or three main attributes. The first is ease of use. The second one is features and specs and lastly the price at which it is made available. When customers take into account all the three factors they feel that it is able to offer the best value for money. It is extremely rugged and tough machine and therefore lasts for many years. Once bought customers feel that it will be a part of the home for many years and they need not be on the lookout for second washing machine.


There is no other reliable and quality hedge trimmer than Black & Decker. The long establishment of their brand had gradually improved their hardware tools and equipments for gardening and other home service. One of best selling equipment today is the Black and Decker LHT2220 Cordless Hedge Trimmer.


  • This cutting equipment measures 22 inches long with a dual-action blades to cut branches, shrubs, twigs, small trunks of trees and others with a less vibration effect of 40%.
  • It is cordless. It has perpetual NiCad batteries that are rechargeable and powered through 20 volts maximum and these batteries are made up of lithium ions.
  • The actual hedges trimmed for every charge can perform 3000 square feet cuts.
  • It can quickly slash down branches, twigs, small trunks of trees or shrubs up to a width of ¾ inch thick.
  • The warranty covers not only the equipment itself but also its battery as well as its charger. It has a limited 2 years of warranty service.
  • The price for this brand and model cost around $88 up to $100 with free shipping, but if the battery is excluded, you will have to pay for only $59.99.
  • The batteries are flexible because they can be used to other Cordless models such as:



































  • It has a comfortable handle regardless of what cutting and trimming orientations that you will do. You may shaped or carved the edges using a high or low power
  • It will not cause you fatigue in cutting the plank of wood or branches of trees.
  • Battery has been proven, that can provide a twice life span. It actually 5x longer than a conventional 18 volts NiCad battery.
  • It is backed by a limited 2 years of warranty service for its batteries and spare parts.
  • It can be protected through insurance if there is an additional extension of 2 to 3 years of maintenance service costing around $6.60 up to $7 depending on the online shopping site or hardware shops product offer.
  • The Black & Decker LHT2220 20 volt Cordless hedge trimmer which is the equipment itself.
  • Contains a LBXR20 battery as well as the LCS20 charger for the batteries.
  • Contains an operating instruction manual as reference.

The Black & Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer has a physical dimension measured at 35 x 7.3 x 7.5 inches, weighing 5.9 pounds and has a shipping weight of 7.2 pounds. It can be domestically shipped within the USA and nearby countries, but not eligible to be shipped internationally, especially to distant countries. It is a product of China with an item model number of LHT2220.

  • It is the leading number 1 best seller among Black & Decker as well as cordless hedge trimmers around the USA.
  • It ranked as number 1000 in terms of worldwide patio, lawn and gardening equipments.
  • Number 1 best seller among patio, lawn and gardening, power tool and hedge trimmer equipments intended for outdoor use.


This number one best seller hedge trimming equipment has earned 4.7 out of 5 stars based from the 1062 customers who purchased and shared their actual experiences with the equipment.


BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Are you on the lookout for a quality straightening iron that combines looks, appearances and functionalities? Then you are perhaps in the right place. Though there are many such models and brands available in the market today, there could be many reasons why the BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron could be a good choice. Yes, it is quite normal for customers to be a bit confused and undecided when it comes to choosing the right hair straightener. This is because a number of factors should be taken into account such as the type of hair, the type of hair treatment that one requires the duration required, and the climatic condition and so on.

When all these are taken together and looked at in totality, there is no doubt that this particular hair straightening device could be the right choice. Amongst the many features it comes with nano titanium plates which are considered to be one of the best heating plates available in the market for hair straightening, hair curling and other such requirements. Here is a look at the various other features which help in making it very special and unique.

It Protects, Straightens And Smoothens Hair


One of the problems with many hair straighteners is that it could damage the hair when used on a regular basis. However this is not the case with this model. This is perhaps because it is known for emitting negative ions and also the maximum amount of far-infrared heat. This help in rapid straightening and conditioning of hair. There is absolutely no damage to the hair even when it used for a long period of time. Therefore it is a long term solution for hair management and hair straightening.

A Few More Important Features


Apart from the above it comes with temperature setting for up to 450 degrees F which are LED enabled. This helps in choosing the right temperature for the most optimum curling and hair straightening. It has special features which enable the hair straightener to glide through the hair and there is no risk of pulling or grabbing of the hair. It is very ergonomically designed and therefore can be easily handled. It weighs just around 2 pounds and therefore is considered to be one of the lightest but high-performing hair straighteners available today in the market. It is also very reasonably priced given the fact that it comes with high quality titanium as the heating apparatus. When one buys it from reputed online sites the price could well and truly be very competitive and perhaps even unbelievable for many.



One of the biggest advantages with this model is that it is extremely thin and light. Therefore when it is being used for straightening and other purposes there is hardly any doubt that it will be quite easy and not taxing on the hands and shoulders. It will certainly help save a lot of money which otherwise might have spent in salons and hair styling clinics. It also comes with the applicable warranty terms and conditions. The after sales services are also quite good making it very popular amongst customers.



There could be many other brands and models of straightening irons available in the market. However, there are some unique features and functionalities which make this model quite different. The biggest takeaway without any doubt is the titanium plates that are used for heating. They are considered to be superior to conventional ceramic plates. They have longer life and offer better spread of heat making it very efficient and less time consuming. In fine, it is a model which will continue to be a part of many wardrobes for years to come.

Posture Brace Corrector


Claiming to be the number 1 support brace recommended by doctors, this product is a good choice of the correction of one’s posture. Presented in the market in 2011, the simple yet important product is an ingenuity of Dr. Joshua Dorsey, a chiropractor in Ohio

All you need is to wear it half an hour, everyday, one can easily notice how their posture improves and even eases their back pain.


The product can be worn in two ways:

  • The brace can be worn around one’s shoulders for slight posture improvement
  • It can be worn across the back for a more rigid posture improvement


It comes in 5 sizes

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X –Large

If the buyer is between the two sizes, it is always better to buy the bigger one.


  • Black
  • White

Period of wearing

Initially, it is best to be worn around 15 minutes per day for the first few days. Successively, it should be worn for up to only thirty minutes and must not be worn for the whole day.

Posture correction cannot be attained in a matter of days, so one should be patient in wearing this everyday as per instruction.

One of the advantages of the product is that the user will no longer need to fit or adjust it. All one need is to put it and take it off after the required time.

You can wear the Posturific brace under your shirt and cannot be seen not unless the fabric you are wearing is somewhat transparent.  For better protection, it is best to be worn atop of an undergarment and prevent the elastic material from contacting directly on your skin.

Posturific brace is a very light, beneficial and effective product, worth wearing whether you are young or old.

An inexpensive product, priced at $20, Posturific is so easy to use and will not need any assistance from the others.

In addition, makers of Posturific promised a money back guarantee if after a month, you are not satisfied with the product.

How it works

The brace works by positioning and pulling one’s shoulder.  When the shoulders are fully pulled back, it stretches muscles on the chest that becomes tighter due to improper posture. In this manner, Posturific do wonders. Muscles and nerves need to be trained once again so that it will be back to its old original position. Sometimes even after you already took off the brace, you still feel that you still have the brace in you, it means that the muscles and nerves have started to accept its renewed condition.

For the first few uses, expect that there will be some drawbacks since the muscles and nerves are still adjusting to its new position.  Sometimes it may hurt, but trying it every day and adjusting the few minutes more of wearing it will actually help the individual reaching his goal in correcting and having a proper posture.

Even patients with shoulder surgery years ago proved that Posturific is a great help not improving their posture, but also in supporting their arms and shoulders and helping to continuously fix their previous problems.

Men with large chests sometimes encounter problems with the x large for it can’t fit them well.

Instructional material

The product is being shipped with an instructional material about the 4 exercises vital to improve one’s posture.

The exercise material is a plus point for this product since it helps the user other than Posturific, there are exercises that can really help to correct improper posture.

Physical therapist and Orthodist prescribe the product for a specific medical problem.